A Bandage without the Wound..

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Cutting through the XYZ bottom line. Do you know the risk you want to solve, correction, all of us want to solve. Yeah we have a clue from all the solutions we have at hand.

Aha! Now we get somewhere. The house is on fire and we had all fire protectants so why?

We built the house knowing everyone else’s issues with their house not on fire so yeah good to emulate .

Wow!! That is humanity or simply human “dumbanity” (geez mum I created a new word)

Ok, in today’s super(assumed)intelligent world that might just equate to something very, very primitive.

So why do we do it. Here’s why. A buddy of mine calls himself the futurist. I ask how and why that is not a dumb thing and hippie enough minus the green beans and about 30 years too late. Reason: fix the today and future might just be better if not great. He’s not to fault, we all want a future, buy a lotto, make a lot of money and hence futurist rich.

Equally if we watched our today we might just and might just be more than a tad bit safer for your, mine and our (maybe loving) neighbors well being.

Boring Bottom Line: Let’s not imagine the solution before we know our risks. We cannot bandage in anticipation of a wound yes but we can be prepared for policing the reason before the wound takes place.

Intelligent gently. Enough said. #Intellicta


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