CRGS Services

4 Core Functional Groups enabling a Risk based Program

A CISO Office requires 4 core functional groups for transforming to and maintaining a Successful Risk Based Program.

Collaborating with Industry Leading Technologies and Experts, CRGS provides an integrated Risk based Servicing Framework.

CRGS - CISO - Cyber Risk Governance Transformation Framework
Cyber Risk Services - Informed

Informed Services

Informed Planning

Integrated Risk Framework for assessing organizational risk posture, documenting resulting requirements and proposing remedial solutions.

Taking into account existing and emerging business needs along with regulatory requirements and standards for measuring exposure to risks and compliance towards controls.

A Risk first approach in advising organizations on making best use of their existing Security investments and to road map future Cyber Security strategy.

Cyber Risk Serviced - Secured

Secured Services

Secured Assets

Security Solutions (Information, Enterprise or Cyber) enabling enterprise business units in their pursuit of innovative business models (IoT, Digital, Cloud, Mobility) in a timely, secure and compliant manner.

Design, implement and support Cyber Security Technology Solutions protecting critical business assets and infrastructure against known and emerging threats.

Cyber Risk Services - Governed

Governed Services

Governed Effectiveness

Providing Continuous Governance through Visibility of Cyber Risk posture for ensuring organization effectiveness of the Cyber Risk program.

An Integrated Risk platform based approach providing constant visibility of actionable risk intelligence and measure of adherence to regulatory controls and security best practices.
Continuously combining and analyzing integrated patterns and types of anomalous activity and situational threats to and from systems across the environment ensures reduction in false positives and incident detection times.

Integrated, Closed-loop, Call to Action solution, enforces Agile Threat Prevention, Risk Awareness and Cyber Risk Governance across the enterprise.

Cyber Risk Services - Resilient

Resilient Services

Improved Resiliency

Fail-Safe planning, documenting, testing and strengthening recovery procedures to ensure threat awareness, business continuity and quick restoration in times of a cyber attack.

Conducting regular attack and penetration tests, exposing vulnerabilities within network and applications along with remediation and vulnerability management capabilities.