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"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words".  A Funny Picture, I believe, is worth a Thousand more. 

So I figured what better a way to put Cyber Risk up, front and center than by using some silly humor. 🙂

CyBeR RiSkY by Gautam Dev

Introduces 2 cartoon characters Cyber Dude (San Money) & Cyber Duh (King MyDoom). You will recognize the names from some well known viruses which have wrecked much cyber havoc.

Cyber Risky - Cartoons by Gautam Dev Introducing 1 - May 2016 - @devZterCyber Risky - Cartoons by Gautam Dev

San Money = Blaster, aka LovSan, aka MSBlast, 2003 + FBI Moneypak virus.

Cyber Risky - Cartoons by Gautam Dev Introducing Cyber Dude (San Money)- May 2016 - @devZterCyber Dude (San Money) - Cartoon by Gautam Dev

King MyDoom = Sun King adware virus (Sun King.exe, Sun King-bg.exe, Sun King-bho64.dll, Sun King-nova.exe) + Mydoom, also known as W32.MyDoom@mm, Novarg, Mimail.R and Shimgapi.

Cyber Risky - Cartoons by Gautam Dev Introducing Cyber Duh (King MyDoom)- May 2016 - @devZterCyber Duh (King MyDoom) - Cartoon by Gautam Dev

Through these 2 fictitious actors, Cyber Dude and Cyber Duh, I will attempt to put forward cyber risky predicaments by punning on current affairs and user ignorance.

Here's the first installment of the series.

Cyber Risky - #1 Bad Actors - by Gautam DevCyBeR RiSkY! - #1 Bad Actors.

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Part 1 - Introducing CyBeR RiSkY characters (San Money & King MyDoom).

Part2 - The DUDE & Risky Actors

Part 3 - The DUH & Loony Actions

Introducing the CyBeR RiSkY CastCyber Risky - Cartoons by Gautam Dev Introducing 1- May 2016 - @devZter

Part 1 - The Dude & Risky Actors

Cyber Risky - Cartoons by Gautam Dev #1 (Part 1) May 2016 - @devzter 1400x1024

Part 2 - The DUH & Loony Actions

Cyber Risky - Cartoons by Gautam Dev #1 (Part 2) May 2016 - @devzter 1440x1564

Hope that brought you some giggles. I would love to hear from you.  If you have any funny, risky situational, anecdote that you'd like to be included, please do share via LinkedIn connect and Message or Through any of the connect links on my CRGS profile. and I will do so in one of the upcoming sketches, with a mention of credit to you for the same.

If you would like, do read my post on Cyber Risk Transformation - Issue of 4 Runaway Trains.- Part 1 under Gautam Dev LinkedIn Top Posts or through Gautam Dev Blog Posts at CRGS (Also maintained on PlusTumblr and Twitter). This Essay is Part 1 of a 3 Part Essay. I am currently working on putting Part 2 together and will post that soon.

Have a Safe, Risk-free and a Wonderful Day.

Gautam Dev

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


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