Intellicta – A Situational Awareness driven Intelligent Risk Assurance Platform

Informed, Secured, Governed, Resilient and Intelligent Risk Assurance – TechDemocracy Intellicta – by Gautam Dev


Introducing Intellicta – A platform to help senior business decision makers evaluate in-depth their cybersecurity compliance, risk, and governance effectiveness.


What is Intellicta?

Intellicta is The First Platform driven by a proprietary framework to Deliver Enterprises a Holistic Assessment of their Cybersecurity, Compliance, Risk and Governance Situation.

  • A single dashboard for CROs, CIOs, CEOs and CFOs accountable to boards for governance
  • Open architecture aggregates and analyzes every facet of an enterprise’s unique ecosystem so it can be integrated and continuously monitored
  • Incorporates a spectrum of regulatory requirements and security standards including NIST, ISO, HIPAA, SOX, IRA and others
  • Aggregates data from the existing infrastructure and IT security tools
  • Automatically correlates and analyzes the ingested data for measurement across any standard or regulatory requirement, as well as the company’s own security and governance policies
  • Presents situational awareness for the overall cybersecurity resilience and risk situation across the enterprise
  • Determines a quantified risk score and financial exposure
  • Assesses and clearly communicates where the enterprise stands versus industry best practices and standards
  • Pinpoints gaps and inefficiencies, prioritizes risk investments and continually tracks progress

An Integrated proprietary Framework enables Intellicta to help transform an Enterprise towards a Cyber Risk Assurance Program


The foundation of Intellicta and Techdemocracy’s Next Generation Risk Assurance Center is a proprietary Cyber Risk Governance Framework, an ITSEC solution-agnostic operating method.

The framework aligns business and information security requirements with cyber risk governance across four dimensions —Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient.


This Cyber Risk Governance framework aligns information coming from existing security solutions and the entire IT infrastructure from across 6 areas of concentration (Entity, Device, Network, Application, Data, Platform) with industry standards and best practices, and company-specific security policies and workflows.

This normalization framework is the foundation of Intellicta and the TechDemocracy Risk Assurance Center, and is essential for achieving the desired outcomes—continuously evaluating, scoring and advancing the actual cyber risk assurance situation compared to best practices, standards and the risks threatening the enterprise.


Learn What the Media and Industry Experts have to say about Intellicta.

Kuppinger Cole Introduced TechDemocracy & Intellicta :

The first of it’s kind Cyber Risk Governance & Awareness platform

“TechDemocracy is creating a highly ambitious and innovative software category. Its underlying conceptual framework will be a welcome addition to the marketplace, especially for larger enterprises with the need to correlate existing compliance and risk information into a flexible, unified and powerful risk assurance model.”

by Matthias Reinwarth, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

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– By Gautam Dev



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