Our Value:

CRGS or Cyber Risk Governance and Services has invested in innovation and for developing an Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient community of Cyber Risk Specialists to help better align business and information security requirements while addressing Cyber Risk Governance through an Integrated, Secured and Compliant framework.

Our Difference:

4 Service types Informed, Secured, Governed and Resilient consider areas for concentration around Entity, Platform, Data, Application, Network and Device.

Business aligned and customizable, CRGS conceived, Cyber Risk Governance framework balances business innovation, data privacy and cyber security compliance requirements through a cyber risk services model which makes best use of current and future cyber security investments.

Business aligned Innovation:

In collaboration with industry leaders and chosen leading technology components, the framework is supported for simplicity and swift business adaptability, by an intelligent, closed loop remedying, continuous risk governance and compliance measurement platform stack .

The Platform facilitates a workflow driven Cyber Risk program connecting the 4 functional roles for communicating, adapting, securing and remedying risks and compliance gaps on demand, by leveraging invested and/or budgeted cyber security solutions.

--CRGS Cyber Risk Governance